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1. The Organizers reserve the right to cancel Voluntourism programme at any time without prior notice to the Volunteers, in which case the organizer will make an effort to inform the Volunteers at least three(3) days prior to the date of the event.
2. The Organizers reserve the right to use any photographs, motion pictures, recordings and/ or any other record of Volunteers for any legitimate purpose, including commercial advertising.
3. Volunteers are required to refrain from providing any information that may be deemed confidential or reserved for the sole knowledge of the Organizers. If approached by any member of the media, Volunteers are to promptly refer them to the Organizer present for necessary action.
4. Volunteers shall abide by the policies and guidelines and shall not hold the Organizers, their sponsors, appointed officials or staff responsible for any mishaps injury or loss of life whatsoever that may occur in the course of, or as a result of his/ her participation in the event.

5. For all Volunteers under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian shall fill in the indemnity form when registering online, failing which the Organizers reserves the right to refuse registration of that volunteer.
6. The Volunteer agrees to:
  1. provide true, accurate, current and complete information about the Volunteer contained in the registration form (the "Registration Data")
  2. maintain the security of the Volunteer's password and identification; and
  3. promptly update the Registration Data to keep it true, accurate, current and complete. The Organizers may contact the Volunteer from time to time by email. Any notice sent to the email address registered with the Organizers shall be deemed as received by the Volunteer. Information on briefing dates and related key dates will be disseminated via the email address provided.
7. All Volunteers must be able to commit to the time schedules provided on the website before registering online. Trainings (if applicable) and briefings are mandatory for all Volunteers and attendance will be taken. Important useful information will be disseminated at these meetings. An email reminder will be sent to Volunteers prior to the trainings or briefings dates.
8. Volunteers will be allocated to their preferred roles as far as possible, with related experience or special skills taken into consideration. However, at its sole discretion the Organizer reserves the right to reallocate positions should the need arise.
9. Volunteers are advised to update the database of any changes to their contact details in order to receive the most updated information pertaining to the event.
10. Volunteers who wish to withdraw from the event must inform the Organizer of their intention by 'phone or email' at least within seven(7) days prior to the date of the event or at the earliest time possible.
11. The Organizers reserve the right to limit and/ or refuse any application for registration.
12. The Volunteer, who is a person who has registered to take part in the Voluntourism Programme, is deemed to have given written permission to the Organizers for the Organizers to collect, analyse and collate any personal information relating to that volunteer, as the Organizers may in their sole discretion deem fit, including without any limitation information for the Organizers' programme, planning, data-processing, statistical or risk-analysis, research, fund-raising and/ or, any other purposes in furtherance of the functions of powers of Ministry of Tourism.

13. No insurance will be provided by the Organizers to the Volunteers. However, the organizers will ensure the safety of the Volunteers are well protected during the Voluntourism Programme.
14. Volunteers are to take responsibility for their own safety.
15. All injuries need to be reported to the Organizers and the Organizers will take necessary action towards it.

16. The Organizers reserve the right to dismiss or take any legal action against a Volunteer arising from his/ her duties based on any of the following actions:
  • Release of any confidential information to any unauthorized persons;
  • Dishonesty, including but not limited to provision of false information during registration;
  • Theft, including but not limited to stealing of Volunteers entitlements/ souvenirs. Such cases will be referred to the police, parent, guardian and / or school authorities as appropriate;
  • Absenteeism, including but not limited to absence of duty without informing respective leaders or the Organizers; or
  • Inappropriate behaviour, including but not limited to harassment of any member of the public, other volunteers or staff.
Volunteers who are dismissed due to any of the above reasons, or for any other behaviour which the Organizers may deem unacceptable, may at the Organizers' sole discretion be blacklisted to prevent that individual from volunteering for future events.


17. All injuries need to be reported to the Organizers and the Organizers will take necessary action towards it.
18. Volunteers are strongly encouraged to keep the contact details of their leaders for emergency purposes.
19. No volunteer is permitted to remove or make copies of any documents pertaining to the event without prior approval of the Organizing team.


By volunteering in the Voluntourism programme, I, the Volunteer, agree to abide by this Policies & Guidelines. I understand that The Event Owner and Organizer reserves the rights to modify this Policies & Guidelines in any way and at any times deemed necessary or appropriate. I agree to make myself available, without further compensation, for additional publicity appearances as may be reasonably requested by Organizer. I shall not, without prior written consent, give any interview or make, give or release any statement for publication, or otherwise to be made public, by any means relating to the event. I consent to the use of imagery which may include me, in any record of the event or future promotion of the event.